SRK Toolbar for Firefox (Latest version: 2.4.3)

The SRK toolbar for Firefox is a toolbar to help navigate,, originally created by SRK user, Mopreme, and updated by SRK user, Monte.

Preview pic:

Change Log
Ver. 2.4.3
Now supports Firefox 9 and 10
Added KoF XIII guide link to the "SRK Wiki and Guides" section.
Added character subforum links for all the new Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 characters

Ver. 2.4.2
Now supports Firefox 7 and 8.
Added Street Fighter x Tekken, Skull Girls and Mortal Kombat character subforums.

Ver. 2.4.1
Fixed URL formatting.

Ver. 2.4
Fixed url formatting for the new SRK forum software.
Removed blogs, podcasts and other forum links that no longer exist.
Added watched threads and SRK toolbar feed thread links.
Changed x-box live forum links to reflect current XBL forums.
Added more links to games in the SRK wiki and guide section.

Ver. 2.3
Added Marvel vs. Capcom 3 character subforums
Added Mortal Kombat forum link
Added links to the guides which can be found under the SRK wiki and guides section
Added character subforum links for the new SSF4 AE characters

Ver. 2.2.1

Added media subforum and fixed url format that was causing users to log out.

Ver. 2.2

Added subforums for Super Street Fighter 4 characters and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 subforum.
This update must be downloaded manually. Automatic update will not work for this version.

Ver. 2.0.1

Firefox 3.6 support
Added subforums for characters in US version of Tatsunoko vs. Capcom

Ver. 2

Fixed URL formatting
Added SSFIV, tekken, newbie dojo, bugs, tekken and podcasts forums
Removed articles menu item
Added submenu to SRK homepage menu item that links to home, news, tournaments, strategy, videos, tech, and podcasts.
Added auto update support

For suggestions, questions, bug report, etc. you can contact me by either replying to the official SRK toolbar thread on the forums or by sending me a PM or visitor message on my SRK profile page.

Old Versions
SRK toolbar v2.2
SRK toolbar v2.0.1
SRK toolbar v2.0